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Good Landlords, Inc. is a group of landlords and property managers working together in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including the Uniform Landlord / Tenant Act, to acquire and maintain as much information as possible on potential tenants.

By working together, landlords and property managers have the opportunity to thoroughly research possible renters through both normal credit checking resources and a local Tenant Database.

As a group, Good Landlords of Blount County provides its members the opportunity to be better informed about both good and troubling tenants.

Why should you consider joining Good Landlords, Inc.?

  • Be part of the largest property owner’s group in Blount County.

  • Attend Informative Meetings with other landlords.

  • Use effective forms designed to benefit landlords.

  • Stay informed on laws and regulations that affect your industry.

  • Receive access to local public records.

  • List rental properties on this site.

  • See Services for details....


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